KBEAR S1 Atnaujinti 5.0 "Bluetooth" Ausinės Belaidžio ryšio Kabelį 2PIN/TFZ/MMCX ausinių kabelį APTX-HD tech KBEAR KS2 KB04 Diamond TRI I3

Žymos: mmcx cabl, bem "bluetooth" ausinių, IE 40, aptx "bluetooth", aptx hd ausinių, kvepiančių zither tfz, csr8675, belaidžio headphon, kbear vieversys, x49.

€19.10 €27.28
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • d971

  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Valdymo Mygtukas: Taip
  • Jungtys: NĖRA
  • Garso Valdymas: Taip
  • Yra bevielis: No
  • Modelio Numeris: KBEAR S1
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: NoEnName_Null
  • Aktyvus Triukšmą Slopinantis: No
  • Vocalism Principas: Kita
  • Komunikacijos: Belaidžio
  • Atsparus vandeniui: No
  • Paramos PROGRAMĄ: No
  • Su Mikrofonu: No
  • Linijos Ilgis: 1.2 mm
  • Stilius: Ausies Kabliuko
  • Sertifikavimo: NĖRA
  • "Bluetooth" Versija: 5.0
  • Funkcija: Mobilaus Telefono
  • Parama Atminties Kortelės: No

KBEAR S1 Atnaujinti 5.0 "Bluetooth" Ausinės Belaidžio ryšio Kabelį 2PIN/TFZ/MMCX ausinių kabelį APTX-HD tech KBEAR KS2 KB04 Diamond TRI I3 Produkto Specifikacijos Produkto Pavadinimas: KEBAR -S1

Blutooth 5.0 belaidžio ryšio kabelis

Svoris: 14g+3g

Kabelio ilgis: 95cm+3cm

"Bluetooth": V5.0

Kištuko tipas: MMCX/2PIN/TFZ (KS2 pin)

Baterijos talpa: 120mAh

Važiavimo laikas: 10+ val.

Budėjimo laikas: apie 100 valandų

Įkrovimo laikas: apie 1 valandą

Qualcomm QCC3034 lustas

Bluetooth 5.0+ APTX-HD technologija

Galingas Triukšmo Slopinimas

IPX5 atsparumas vandeniui sertifikavimo,

Universalus KBEAR-S1:

MMCX Universalios


Shuer 215 | Shuer 846 | SE535 | SE425 | UE900


Sony N1AP | Sony N3AP | "Sony" XBA-Z5 | "Sony" XBA-A2

2pin 0.78 mm Universalios


E1| E3 | QUEEN | MYLOVE Series | S2 |



EN700 | ENN700 PRO | EM1 | EM2 | EM3 | EM5

QDC Neptūnas:

Anole | V6 | 5 Vienetai HiFi versija Live | 8 Vienetai HiFi versija


11PRO| 18+PRO | PRO UE5

Jaben Oriolus:

ORIOLUS | Pilka Oriolus | Juoda Oriolus | Sidabro Oriolus


KZ ZST | ZS10 | ES4 | ZS5| ZSA


TFZ Universalus 0.78 mm

Taikytinos modeliai KBEAR-S1 sąsaja:

QDC: Neptūnas | Anole | Jazz | Mona Lisa

KZ: ZSX | 16 | ZS10| ZSN | AS12

SIMGOT: EM1 | EM2 | EK3 | MT3

CCA: C12 | CA4

UE: UE11 | UE1 8PRO

Excellent adapter, aptX HD, more than 10 hours autonomy. Low white noise. The first gave it to a friend, took it again. Quick connection. And high sound quality.
Just got the new premium KBEAR S1 Bluetooth 5.0 Upgraded Earphone Cable and paired it up with my FiiO JadeAudio EA1 Earphone and all I can say is wow, it's an amazing experience to have this level of sound quality for less than most DAC Amplifiers on the market, it is as powerful as my Topping NX1s Hi-Res Amplifier paired with my LG V30, it's super loud and super clean sounding with zero distortion, I'm going to do a review on it on my YouTube channel AVATMOS
I will start with the minuses, for me the design is convenient, but the wiring is thin and does not cause confidence. There is white noise, stop in 3 sec, with a good source, it is missing at low volume (some videos have noise on any headphones). Not line display charge, gradation of 20%, but after 60% is discharged in less than two hours (when starts to alert, turns off after 3 min). Thin shrink on the burr, after 8 hours begin to hurt the ears. Pluses, aptX HD, the indicator is dim when working does not glow. Duration of continuous operation from 10 to 15 hours. The volume of the headphone preamp is high, adjustable by a long range with the headphones themselves. Charging is less than two hours. It is best to use with a small impedance of 16-20 Ω (ohm). For your money an excellent adapter.

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